A Very Five-O Christmas

When Grubbs, 10, is not playing Danno’s adorable little girl Grace on TV, she’s a cheerful fifth-grader at Hahaione Elementary School in Hawaii Kai. She started modeling when she was only 6, appearing in ads for Pottery Barn, Hawaiian Airlines and Walmart. Then her agency, Premier Models & Talent, called about an audition for Hawaii Five-O, she tried out and before she knew it, she was busy balancing filming, schoolwork and cheerleading (at Cheer808). In season one, she appeared in six episodes, and this season she’s scheduled for two.

Teilor Grubbs
“My life has changed a little bit,” says Grubbs, whose parents are Erik and Kela Grubbs. “When I’m out sometimes people ask me if I’m the girl fromHawaii Five-O, and then they’re like cool and then they ask me for my autograph. The first time that they asked me (a mom and her daughter at Kahala Mall), I didn’t know how to even do my signature.”

As for what she’s been doing with her paychecks: “My parents say that I’m saving it for college.”

This year, Christmas will be spent at Grandma and Grandpa’s (Linda and John Puu) house in Hawaii Kai. Sometimes holidays are spent in Virginia, where “Gammie” and Grandpa Grubbs live.

Grubbs as Grace Williams on Hawaii Five-O with her TV dad Danno played by Scott Caan Neil Jacobs/ CBS photo
“One year at Gammie’s house it snowed,” she recalls. “It was on Christmas, and me and my dad were building a snowman, and then my mom walked outside and we threw snowballs at her.”

Grubbs, who has a little sister Heiden and another sibling on the way, admits that presents are her favorite part of Christmas, and if she gets her wish, Santa will be leaving a new digital camera under the tree. She also likes clothes and lists Adore and Up & Riding at Kahala Mall as her favorite stores. She recently added tennis to her hobbies, is involved with Diamond Head Theatre and has taken classes with acting coach Scott Rogers.

“When I was smaller, my favorite thing was Hannah Montana,” says Grubbs. “I wanted to be on Hannah Montana, and my parents used to tell me, well, you gotta keep working. And then when I got the call (from Hawaii Five-O), my dad said, ‘Your dream came true.’”

As for her make-believe dad, Grubbs says he (Scott Caan) is nice and fun. “In the beginning it was kind of hard and weird to get used to (having another dad),” she says. “We joke around a lot and I look up to him.”

The show airs after her 8:30 p.m. bedtime, so she usually catches up with her DVR on the weekends. “Most of the time I watch the whole show depending if we have time and if it’s scary or not,” she says. “Like the last show of the first season I really wanted to stay up and watch it, so my parents let me and then I couldn’t go to sleep. And the first show of the second season was really scary too. I got nightmares.”

At the red carpet season premiere earlier this year in Waikiki, Grubbs showed she’s a natural in front of cameras. On set, she’s been credited for taking her role seriously. She’s also a big fan of Craft Service. “It’s this big truck of snacks and ice cream, and it’s free,” she explains. “It’s my favorite thing on set.”

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