About Teilor Grubbs

Teilor Grubbs is an American child actress, born October 27, 2001. She is known for her role in the series Hawaii Five-O about a special police unit operating in Hawaii that brings criminals to justice. Grubbs plays the role of Grace Williams, the daughter of one which is one of the show’s main characters.


Prior to her debut in television, Grubbs modeled for Premier Models and Talent in Hawaii. Through Premier, Grubbs did a commercial for Hawaiian Airlines. She has also appeared in commercials for materials for Pottery Barn. Further, Grubbs has appeared in advertisements for six resorts and villas in Hawaii. She has attended both the The Academy of Film and Television with private coaching by Scott Rogers and the Susan Page Modeling and Acting Training Courses. Teilor Grubbs is also an active cheerleader and hopes that one day she may use that talent for stunts .1 In 2010, Grubbs interviewed and received a part in the pilot for Hawaii Five-O. When the show was picked up, she was hired on as a recurring character. Teilor Grubbs appears in five episodes of the first season alongside Scott Caan who plays her father and Lost star Daniel Dae Kim.