Questions I asked Teilor on Instagram & Yes, She answered me back  :

TGF: What’s your favorite color(s)?
Teilor: Blue

TGF: Who is your favorite actress/actor?
Teilor: Dakota Fanning

 TGF: Who are your favorite music artists?
Teilor: That’s a hard one,depends on what mood i’m in!!

TGF: Favorite Movies/t.v shows?
           Teilor: H50 of course and for movies: The Help & I am Sam.

 TGF: Favorite Food?
    Teilor: Hawaiian Food

       TGF: What do you like to do on your spare time?
         Teilor: Between work and school I don’t have a bunch of free time,   lately  I’ve been working a lot on acting but I also like Cheer and gong to the beach. Oh and I love shopping!!

TGF:How many pets do you have?
Teilor: Two Dogs

    TGF:What inspired you to get into acting?
  Teilor: Back when I was five Hannah Montana inspired me!!

 TGF: What do you like to collect?
Teilor: Beach Glass and shells.

 TGF:What was your favorite episode to shoot?
 Teilor: They’re all my favorite! But most challenging was Kidnapping.