Q&A’s With Teilor (2015)



TGF: When you first found out that you got the role as “Grace Williams” How excited were you?

  • Teilor: I knew it was something special but i was only eight and i had no idea what to expect. I was new to acting and i had never done anything like this before. So I was really excited, but had no clue it would be this awesome..

TGF: How would you describe each of your co-stars?

  • Teilor: Way too many to describe each one but they are all pretty hilarious, amazingly cool people, and super talented.

TGF: You’re going into high school next year, are you excited about it?

  • Teilor: Uhhhh, I’m anxiously excited…..but I’d much rather spend my days on set. lol.

TGF: Everyone keeps asking this and i figured i’d ask..Do you have a public snapchat?

  • Teilor: No sorry I don’t, I don’t even have a private snapchat 🙂

TGF: Now that you’re pretty well known thanks to the show, how does it feel knowing that you have soo many fan pages and even a fan website?

  • Teilor: It’s a pretty awesome feeling to know that i have so many people who support me and the show.

    Okay, Here are some questions from fans:

Q: What’s the weirdest fan thing that’s happened to you?

  • Teilor: There has been a few interesting ones but in general mostly everyone’s been cool.

Q: What’s your favorite part about living in Hawaii?

  • Teilor: Hawaii is like living in paradise. I love it all but my favorite part is being able to go to the beach any day of the year.

Q: If becoming an actress wasn’t your first choice, what would you like to be instead?

  • Teilor: Well.. since i’m only 13 and acting/modeling is all I have really thought about, I’m not too sure, haha. I would love to end up doing something that helps others in need, but I really don’t know what yet.

Q: Would you like to meet the owners of your fanpages?

  • Teilor: Yes, That would be awesome. hopefully, one day!

Q; Is it scary to be up in the air for cheer or are you pretty used to it?

  • Teilor: No its more of a rush than scary… i like to really challenge myself when it comes to stunting and tumbling. I also have complete trust in my bases and coaches so its more of an excitement/rush flying than scary.

Q: What’s your favorite subject in school?

  • Teilor: P.E.

Q: How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

  • Teilor: Energetic, Wild, Caring, Positive, and Outgoing.

Q: Besides cheerleading and acting, what else do you enjoy doing?

  • Teilor: I enjoy going to the beach, shopping and hanging out with friends.

Q: Why do you and your family call yourselves #teamADD?

  • Teilor: My family is ummm, a little wild/energetic…people say there is this wild/fun vibe that everyone gets when they are in our house or hanging out with us, it’s, uhh, fun chaos..so they named us TeamADD, haha ……