H5-0 Christmas Toy Drive

Yesterday Teilor helped pass out gifts to students at the Puuhale Elementary School. Here are some of her words about her experince yesterday:

Yesterday i was asked if i wanted to pass out gifts to the students of an elementary school. i show up today, pass out the gifts and every single one of those kids faces were priceless. its so touching to see the true meaning of grateful. we often take so much for granted and yet we rarely think about those who maybe aren’t as privileged as us. i was walking around after they opened their gifts and i ran into a little girl crying. i sat down next to her and asked her “is everything okay?” she looks up at me and says “i just love my gift”. my heart literally melted and i started tearing up. it just goes to show that so many of us lose sight of how much we have to be grateful for and watching this one scooter make this little girls day made me put this in perspective. thank you @plenkov for allowing me the opportunity. i also wanna let everyone who has made a positive impact on my life know how grateful i am for you. i wish everyone a happy holiday and to remember to be grateful for those who make you, you.?”