Hey Loves,

I just wanted to update this part since I don’t really do it unless some news pops up and there hasn’t been any recently. Once something comes up..I’ll let you guys know (: – I do update the gallery though. Check that out for the latest photos of her <3

H50 Episodes 9×12 & 9×13

Uploaded screencaps of Teilor in 9×12 and 9×13 clips to the gallery.


H50 Episode 9×12 Clip Screencaps


H50 Episode 9×13 Clip Screencaps

December’s Fan Of The Month

This month I picked Kylie to be this months fan of the month 🙂 Go on and follow her page: Instagram

“I became a fan of Teilor Grubbs after watching Hawaii Five O. I like her so much..so I started to search about her on Google and I follow her on Instagram. She is so beautiful and I’m in her age group. I hope she’ll show up in other movies.”

November’s Fan Of The Month

This month I picked Mary to be this months fan of the month 🙂 Go on and follow her page: Instagram

“I have liked Teilor since the first season of Hawaii Five-O..Playing Danny’s daughter. She’s a great actress and she’s awesome to watch every episode she’s on”

Grubbers Magazine Featuring An Interview With Teilor

Hey Guys,

Teilor did an interview for the magazine that I created with a few other fans but sadly, this is the last issue. I may start it up again one day but right now, I’m stepping away from the project. It was fun to do and I thank everyone that was part of it (:

This issue is special cause Teilor was apart of it and plus, it is also a birthday issue for her. You’ll find birthday wishes from fans in there and much more!

You can check out the mag down below or check out just Teilor’s interview here -> Teilor’s Interview


Phone Wallpapers

I’ve decided to create some wallpapers for phones. I’ll be making more soon so for now, check out the ones I have up in the gallery (:

Phone Wallpapers