Sad News..

If you haven’t heard..this is the last season ever for H50. Even though the show is ending..we will continue to follow Teilor’s journey. Here is what Teilor posted about it ending:

“where to start… hawaii 50 has been apart of me for over half my life. i have met such amazing people and have made memories that i will remember forever. i really feel like i have grown up on this show and i am so grateful for all the lessons i learned along the way. i’m so sad this show has to come to an end but i cant wait to see what life has in store next. for my hawaii 50 family, lets hope they bring a new show to hawaii bc they would be honored to have such an amazing crew. last but not least, i want to thank all our amazing fans for your support over the last 10 years. we couldn’t have done it without you❤️”