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Welcome to Teilor Grubbs Fan. Your best online resource for Actress Teilor Grubbs. You may know Teilor as Grace in Hawaii Five-O. Here we are to bring you all the latest news, pictures, videos, media & more on this rising star!




Role: Herself
Type: Promo
Release: 2014




Role: Herself
Type: Promo
Release: 2013




Role: Grace Williams
T.v: Series: (CBS)
Release: 2010


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Proof: HERE
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Teilor uploaded her third VLOG on Youtube the other day. It’s with her mother at Universal Studios. She went flying at the IFLY place and then she did other things..watch the video to find out 😉 – I’ve uploaded the caps to the gallery and you can check out the video on the side under -Recent Youtube Video or on her Youtube channel. If you go there..go and subscribe (:
Teilor’s Youtube Page

Vlog #3 Caps

Teilor uploaded her second VLOG on Youtube yesterday. It’s with her family this time when they went to California for a little visit. – I’ve uploaded the caps to the gallery and you can check out the video on the side under -Recent Youtube Video or on her Youtube channel. If you go there..go and subscribe (:
Teilor’s Youtube Page

Vlog #2 Caps

On February 1st..Teilor did two Instalives. I’ve uploaded the caps to the gallery & Here is the videos from them. Sadly..some parts have been missed but that’s okay. Thank you to -Hawaii_Five_0_Pics for the videos. I will be uploading the one she did the other night to youtube and do the caps. I will post about it once they’re up.

First Live Caps

Second Live Caps



Here is the February’s calendar for your desktop or phone. You can check em out in the gallery or in the media section under calendars:


This month I picked Emma to be the Fan of The Month. She’s a pretty sweet girl and she also has an amazing fanpage for Teilor. Check it out here: Instagram Page

Also here is her story on why she is a fan of Teilor:

“I have been a fan of Teilor’s since 2014 but became more of a fan in 2015. I became a fan of hers cause she was my age and was already achieving her goal to be an actress and model. I also love that she is so kind and respectful.”

Yesterday..Teilor uploaded her first Youtube video. It’s a Vlog and it was pretty funny. Check it out below and also I’ve uploaded the caps to the gallery:



I’ve decided to make a calendar for this year of Teilor. I made one for your computer and phone. I hope they will work for you guys. (: I hope you enjoy them as well! – You’ll find them in the gallery or here: JANUARY CALENDAR

Hey Guys (: Teilor made a Youtube channel and she’ll be uploading to it very soon! If you have a Youtube channel..please go and subscribe to it <3 Here: Teilor’s Youtube Channel I can’t wait to see her very first video (:

This Month’s Fan Of The Month is Sohila. She is a very sweet person and has a lovely fanpage for Teilor. If you have an Instagram page, check it out here: Teilor_Grubss. Here is her story on why she became a fan of Teilor.

“I became a fan of Teilor when I first started to watch H5-0 and I used to always notice and young girl aka Grace since she wasn’t in the show often. When I saw her act at such a young age, I would ask myself how. Then once I searched about the 5-0 crew, I saw her and started to search more about her. I learned more about her and became a bigger fan since she is kinda the same age as me. (I’m 14 and she’s 15 but still. :P)”

New Year..New Look (: I hope everyone likes the new theme for the website and the gallery theme. – I will also be uploading caps and stuff of Teilor to the gallery soon and I will also be adding the Fan Of The Month section up soon as well. <3