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Welcome to Teilor Grubbs Fan. Your best online resource for Actress Teilor Grubbs. You may know Teilor as Grace in Hawaii Five-O. Here we are to bring you all the latest news, pictures, videos, media & more on this rising star!




Role: Herself
Type: Promo
Release: 2014




Role: Herself
Type: Promo
Release: 2013




Role: Grace Williams
T.v: Series: (CBS)
Release: 2010


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-She doesn't have a facebook page.
Proof: HERE
SNAPCHAT: TeiTeiGrubbs



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Things have been pretty crazy lately. First..I want to say that I was safe during the hurricane and my house is all good. Thank you to those that written me and all. Things will be slow for now cause my WiFi is out and I’m using a family members phone that has slow data and I believe I’m moving as well so I will be busy. I will do my best to update on here and on Instagram. Once things have calmed down I will also give the site a little make over since teilor has some cute photoshoot like pictures (: plus the fan of the month will probably come a little late depends on what will happen by the first xD

Those that don’t know this..I live in Florida and if you haven’t heard yet..there is a hurricane heading to my state. I don’t know how strong it will be and how bad it would be in the part i’m in but I may not be online to update and all for a bit. It depends on things. I will do my best to let you guys know i’m okay on social media. If you’re not following me on there..go ahead and do so. TeilorGrubbsFan is my username for everything – Please keep Florida in your prayers (That is if you do that)


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This month I’ve chosen Alex to be the fan of the month (: If you have a twitter- Follow Her: https://twitter.com/xlevinexx – It’s so cool to see fans from all over the world. Alex is from Poland.

” I’ve been loving her since I watched “Hawaii 5.0″ and I loved her right away !! I love Tei so so much.. She is one of the most important people in my life even though I do not know her and she doesn’t know me… she improves my humor all the time, just to include her video on youtube and right away I am happy.”

You can find this month’s calendar here: September 2017 or Here: September 2017

Sorry it took me awhile to post this. Been busy with stuff in rl but I picked Emmy to be August’s fan of the month cause she is such a sweetheart and her fanpage is awesome. Check it out: TeilorGrubbsssfan

Here is her story on why she became a fan:

“I started watching Hawaii Five-O when I was nine but I stopped watching it. I started it up again like a little less than a year ago with my dad and when Teilor came on I was like, she’s so cute! Watching her grow up, I started to love everything about her and her Hawaiian spirit. Right away I followed her on instagram. I am almost thirteen now and I started a fanpage not to be noticed by her but to share what I love about her personality with others.”

You can find this month’s calendar here: 2017 Calendar Or Here: 2017 Calendar

I just uploaded caps from Drake’s video of Teilor to the gallery. You can check out the full video or just watch Teilor’s clip down below. You’ll find the full video here: Drake Bell-Run Away Video *I think it still works*

Drake Bell – Run Away Music Video

Teilor’s Clip:

I just uploaded caps from Teilor’s recent Youtube video to the gallery. The video was done while her friend Amanda was there with her. If you haven’t watched it yet..check it out on the side of the site under recent youtube video or check it out here: Teilor’s YT VIDEO

Vlog #5

I forgot to post this here but yesterday was the fourth birthday for TGF..Here is a cute message to all of you guys 🙂

Also here is a cute comment Teilor left under my photo on insta:

Hey Guys, It’s a little late but this month’s Fan Of The Month is Mack. They run a cute fanpage on instagram for Teilor. Which you can go and check out – TeilorGrubber – Check out this story on why they became a fan (:


“I just thought Teilor was very sweet and funny. She seemed like a nice person. When I was younger my parents told me that I was a lot like her character Grace in the sense that we were both sassy. I also love to follow and support down to earth people.”