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Welcome to Teilor Grubbs Fan. Your best online resource for Actress Teilor Grubbs. You may know Teilor as Grace in Hawaii Five-O. Here we are to bring you all the latest news, pictures, videos, media & more on this rising star!




Role: Herself
Type: Promo
Release: 2014




Role: Herself
Type: Promo
Release: 2013




Role: Grace Williams
T.v: Series: (CBS)
Release: 2010


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-She doesn't have a facebook page.
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I’ve decided to make a calendar for this year of Teilor. I made one for your computer and phone. I hope they will work for you guys. (: I hope you enjoy them as well! – You’ll find them in the gallery or here: JANUARY CALENDAR

Hey Guys (: Teilor made a Youtube channel and she’ll be uploading to it very soon! If you have a Youtube channel..please go and subscribe to it <3 Here: Teilor’s Youtube Channel I can’t wait to see her very first video (:

This Month’s Fan Of The Month is Sohila. She is a very sweet person and has a lovely fanpage for Teilor. If you have an Instagram page, check it out here: Teilor_Grubss. Here is her story on why she became a fan of Teilor.

“I became a fan of Teilor when I first started to watch H5-0 and I used to always notice and young girl aka Grace since she wasn’t in the show often. When I saw her act at such a young age, I would ask myself how. Then once I searched about the 5-0 crew, I saw her and started to search more about her. I learned more about her and became a bigger fan since she is kinda the same age as me. (I’m 14 and she’s 15 but still. :P)”

New Year..New Look (: I hope everyone likes the new theme for the website and the gallery theme. – I will also be uploading caps and stuff of Teilor to the gallery soon and I will also be adding the Fan Of The Month section up soon as well. <3

On December 21st, Teilor was on the Amy and Friends Show. (Sorry for posting this a bit late..lol) Anyways, luckily there was a video of the show and you can watch it here: Amy And Friends Show Video – Oh..I almost forgot! Me and My sister called in and talked to her. You’ll be able to hear that. It was pretty awesome! We were nervous but I think we did pretty good for our first time on a live radio show lol. – Anyways, Teilor thanked me for the support and she loves my edits (: hehe..


This Wednesday on amynfriendsshow Teilor will be a guest on the show. If you live in Hawaii you can catch it on#kprp650am 2pm #HST – I don’t know if anyone outside of Hawaii can hear it but try looking on their website here: Amyandfriendsshow

Sorry this is a bit late but I’ve been busy with things. Anyways, this month I picked Alexia to be the fan of the month. Here instagram is Alohaitslexi so go on and follow her (: Also here is why she became a fan of Teilor <3 "I have been a fan of Teilor & Hawaii Five-O since I was 6.So, I've been a fan for 6 years. I'm a fan of everyone on the show."

Teilor did a live chat on instagram yesterday. She answered a few questions of mine. Like what her favorite show was and her answer was: “The Fosters” and she also answered this question. “Which Disney Channel show she would like to be on?” She answered. “All Of Them” She also answered a question about youtube and she said that she will be making one and has videos ready for it but needs to edit the. If you missed this live chat, there will be more (: Anyways… I uploaded some caps from it to the gallery:


You guys may have noticed some photos of Teilor being posted that you haven’t seen before and honestly that’s cause they’re coming from her PERSONAL Instagram. I wrote Teilor asking if she was okay with them being posted since I’ve been getting messages about if I knew where they’re from and if it’s okay to use them and stuff. She thanked me for letting her know about it but she also told me this: ” My private instagram is for my friends and family only and i would like to keep it that way” So, that pretty much means that she isn’t happy about it. I hope this pretty much answered your questions and if not, feel free to message me on any of the social media pages and I will do my best to answer them (:

Teilor attended the GBK Productions -Naughty or Nice Celebrity Gift Lounge on (December 1st) Check out the photos here: